1 thinking

We strongly believe in storytelling. In creating immersive stories were people can feel being part of it. We prefer calling them fans, not costumers. We think different. We love digital. We are code

2 filming

With our 360 video cameras that grabs all what happens around us. We also record binaural sound to create more immersive experiences. Our weapons: Point Grey, Freedom360, PTGui and VideoStitch

3 developing

We deliver in many digital platforms: web, smartphone or tablet, installations with Kinect or Leap Motion or with HMD like the Oculus Rift. In case you’re not so digital, we have a dome projection system


We can teleport you anywhere. Whether you want to visit your vacations hotel, or you want to test your mate’s news car, or you just want to chill out watching a nature documentary. We can take you there!

This is what we do!

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Some of our latest projects